I totally believe that anyone can throw a good party, but it’s always far more enjoyable to attend an event rather than host one and worry if the caterer showed up on time, if the decorations are in place and if Jim* is trying to get the band to play Michael Bolton again when it’s clearly not that kinda party, Jim!

*Insert crazy uncle or loud friends name here.

Ssshhhhh! It can be our little secret.

Like an on camera body double, I'll be your event eyes and ears. No one will notice I’m there organizing the vendors and taking care of those last minute pastries that Judy thoughtfully brought without being asked.

Your guests won’t know the difference, but you will, as you sip your cocktails and mingle with your guests worry free.


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From simple consulting to full-fledged wedding and corporate event planning Alexis Trejgo (AT) Events offers clients a wide range of services as unique as their parties are.

Alexis was incredible to work with. Her attention to detail and assertiveness allowed me to relax the day of my wedding. Can’t thank her enough!
— Happy Bride

Hello there!

Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie and rocking it now in Toronto for over ten years.

"Alexis is that perfect mix of style-conscious city girl and unpretentious salt of the earth who you’d actually like to work with."

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